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Linked List
Doubly Linked List
Hash Table
Binary Tree
Binary Search Tree
Bit Manipulation
Dynamic Programming

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Gurpreet Singh

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No more pause, play and rewind. Learn actively through our unique text based courses that help you understand topics by building intuition.


Easy to understand visual explanations of all code implementations to build intuition.


Practice problems embedded in courses to get your hands dirty while learning.


Learning path handcrafted by experts to provide the most optimal learning experience.

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We believe that you are your best teacher. Our courses are designed to be the one stop solution to everything you need.

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We take our content very seriously and every course goes through the highest standard of reviews by domain experts.

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No more going through extensive books with irrelevant text. Every course is designed in the most crisp and concise manner.

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Interactive coding playground, problems and solutions in 5 major languages


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Develop coding fluency and sharpen your problem solving skills by solving problems on data structures and algorithms in a streamlined and structured manner.

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Our coding workspaces are integrated with the learning path to provide everything that you need in one place.

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No more firing shots in the air. Solve problems in a hand crafted order to get most out every problem you solve.

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Every problem has easy to understand detailed solutions with visual explanations to help you learn quickly