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"Very well designed courses that focus on what is really important. The learning path is beginner friendly with incrementally increasing difficulty and keeps you motivated throughout, highly recommended"

Gurpreet Singh

Software Engineer

"This is the best platform to master DSA. The visual explanations and pattern wise problem solving make it really easy to master complex topics. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to master DSA"

Akanksha Singh

Software Engineer

"I love how all concepts are explained in great detail visually. The learning path with solved problems keeps you motivated. The platform provides everything you need at one place with high quality"

Deepak Aggarwal

Software Engineer

"The learning path is exceptionally good. It starts from basics and you don't realize when you start solving advanced problems so easily. The UI makes the entire experience very pleasant. I would highly recommend it"

Akhilesh Kumar

Member of Technical Staff

"The platform is just brilliant. Real interview problems are visually explained and integrated with high quality courses that makes learning even advanced concepts very easy. Highly recommended"

Mridul Srivastava

Principal Consultant

"The learning path is very well put together and is an absolute goldmine for someone struggling to start. It takes you from beginner to advanced very smoothly, highly recommended"

Param Singh

Software Engineer


What is codeintuition?

Codeintuition is a platform that helps you learn and master data structures from scratch. It provides an expert curated learning path that covers all fundamental concepts in the correct order. You learn via visual courses on every data structure and practice real interview problems along the way.

Why codeintuition?

There is a sea of information available on the internet in the form of blogs, videos, and articles. There are thousands of coding questions and topics and the learning curve is often very steep which makes it very intimidating for a beginner. It is very very difficult to navigate through the clutter and figure out where to spend most of your time. At codeintuition, we created the best beginner friendly learning path to master data structures and algorithms that focuses on self study and building intuition. You start from the basics and learn things in the correct order that helps build confidence and keeps you motivated. The text based courses help you focus more on the small details and the practice problems cement what you learn along the way. The pattern based problem solving prepares you for real interview questions and help you foucs on one area at a time.

How does codeintuition differ from other tech career training and interview sites?

1. A software engineer spends most of their time "reading". Codeintuition focuses on high quality "text" based courses that help you learn faster and better. All our courses are highly visual and interactive to make the learning experience fun. 2. Unlike other platforms that have an unorganized set of poor quality articles written by different people, we provide courses on DSA written by domain experts and organized as a learning path. This makes sure you learn things in the right order and makes the learning curve super smooth. 3. We provide a unified platform that integrates learning and application. You don't have to hop different websites to learn and practice problems, we provide everything at one place. 4. Codeintuition provides the most beginner friendly DSA learning path that even high school students can follow. You don't need to have any prior knowledge of DSA to begin. 5. We focus on incremental learning and pattern based problem solving. All our courses teach you the concepts and provide solved problems in increasing difficulty. This keeps your area of focus small and helps you master topics one at a time.

What is the pricing of codeintuition?

It is 100% free to sign up! All registered users can access many lessons and problems from the learning path free. To get complete access of all lessons and problems, please get a premium subscription

What languages does codeintuition support?

Codeintuition supports all the major programming languages like C++, Java, Typescript, Javascript and Python. These are the programming languages that are most widely used in the software industry.

Who is codeintuition platform for?

Codeintuition is for 1. Anyone who wishes to learn and master data structures and algorithms. 2. Anyone seeking a job that conducts interviews with data structures and algorithms. 3. Anyone who wishes to transition from a non-tech role to a software dev role

What if I am unhappy with my premium subscription?

We do our best to provide you with the highest quality courses and problems. If for any reason you are unhappy with your premium subscription, you can cancel it by sending us an email within the first 7 days and we will refund you the full amount, no questions asked.

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